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Local SEO Guide – What Matters To Google For Your Small Business

By Joshua Jarvis | Digital Marketing Blog

You might already know how Google works.  Did you know that there are basically two ways to rank on google?  Keywords and Local SEO

The first is for keywords.  For those that don’t know,  keywords (or keyword topics) rank on google, it’s pretty straightforward.  Say you have a site about purple elephants.  When other sites link to your site, Google takes that as those sites are “vouching” for your site.  If they use the word “purple elephants” then all the better.   Now Google is much smarter than this simple description, it weighs the “vouching” sites to determine if they have the authority or not.  So a link from would be worth more than a link from my own website at  In addition, it evaluates your page and how “good” the content (you can get an idea of what Google is looking for by using the free service on the sidebar).  Finally, Google also takes into account a list of other harder to manipulate things such as how long people stay on your site, how many social shares are out there and how updated the site is (and how long the domain is registered for).  All told it’s a lot for a business owner to master.

Luckily there’s an easier way for local business owners.

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Go from 0 to 100 Real Estate Leads In Under 3 Months | Real Estate SEO Case Study

By Joshua Jarvis | Digital Marketing Blog

A Sierra Interactive Case Study

While this isn’t a perfect graph, it shows you what we were able to do with a client.   It shows you starting with 0 leads and how in March we generated 115 SEO Real Estate Leads for the client.  The tendency would be to stop here for this client, but for real estate agents that are wanting more leads, this is the path, you can see it only goes up. .Continue reading

9 Essential Digital Marketing Tools And Tactics To Master

9 Essential Video Digital Marketing Tools And Tactics To Master in 2017

By Joshua Jarvis | Digital Marketing Blog

Whether you’re a video blogger or a full blown digital marketing agency, you need to know the digital marketing tools of the trade for video.  It’s more than just a camera and shooting video … or is it.   Yes, there’s a lot of tools for video production that can bog you down, but here’s the down and dirty essentials I think every digital marketer or vlogger needs.

The Camera

Obviously you need a camera, so this doesn’t count as one of our digital marketing tools for you (good thing we have alot more). There’s several good ones and instead of referencing one, get one and start using it.  Continue reading

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Every Installation 2017

By Joshua Jarvis | Digital Marketing Blog

Spoiler Alert: There’s Actually 17 Must Have WordPress Plugins

Must Have WordPress Plugins
Every blogger and small business owner goes through the same thing when the first install wordpress, they ask themselves… Now what? The beauty of wordpress is really the number of plugins in the world and the fact that if you can dream it you can do it (well almost) with plugins. In addition, to the wordpress starting plugins there’s 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Every Installation that I have on every single one of my clients and personal sites.

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