How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile So That Leads Find You!


 Today we cover Linkedin, quite possibly the most overlooked yet most powerful social network on the planet.   Many businesses overlook this marketing channel or abuse it and yet the entire network was created just for businesses to do business with each other.  In this episode we cover how to optimize your profile so that […]


We’re wrapping up this SEO Series with YOUR SEO FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Before we dive in “FAQ Style” let’s give you a little recap. Here are the topics in case you want to reference this for your SEO future.  Many of these episodes answer common SEO FAQ. What is SEO? What does “Doing SEO” […]

9 Essential Video Digital Marketing Tools And Tactics To Master in 2017

9 Essential Digital Marketing Tools And Tactics To Master

Whether you’re a video blogger or a full blown digital marketing agency, you need to know the digital marketing tools of the trade for video.  It’s more than just a camera and shooting video … or is it.   Yes, there’s a lot of tools for video production that can bog you down, but here’s […]

What Irma Revealed About The Future of Google SERPS

Future Of Google Serps 646x1024

During the latest hurricane there were a lot of lesson to learn.   All of the lessons could be encapsulated into one word “preparedness.”  I covered this a tiny bit on our first episode of the 4rd Marketing Podcast, where we covered how to be “future proof” vs google’s constant shifting SERPS (Search Engine Result […]

7 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Every Installation 2017

Spoiler Alert: There’s Actually 17 Must Have WordPress Plugins Every blogger and small business owner goes through the same thing when the first install wordpress, they ask themselves… Now what? The beauty of wordpress is really the number of plugins in the world and the fact that if you can dream it you can do it […]

Future Of Real Estate 2017 | What Should Realtors Do?

With Redfin’s new IPO and recent news of Keller Williams announcing a $1 Billion tech fund, you could be wondering what is the future for tech savvy real estate agents?  You’d be right to have concern if you’ve been following the popular tech advice for the last 15 years.  If you’re renting leads and platforms […]

Real Estate SEO Guide – Your 3 Keys To Lead Generating and Beating Z

Real Estate Seo Local

Depending on where you are on the tech-geek spectrum as a real estate agent, search engine optimization could sound  a bit like “snakes oil.”  For others, this topic has been covered ad nausea and you might be looking for something fresh.  In our research, there wasn’t a single real estate SEO expert that was and […]