To me, every business owner has a responsibility to their family and their team to be aware of what’s going on in the world. It helps them cast vision and be aware of upcoming shifts. In today’s episode we do just that, we look 15 technology and marketing developments in 2018. From the rise of the Side Hustle to finally being a mobile majority world and some surprising statistics in between.

With this week’s show notes we’ll cover briefly the 15 topics we cover in the show without going into specifics.

  1. We’re not a mobile majority.  53% of all internet traffic is mobile devices.  (Need Help?  Check out our episode:   How to prepare for mobile first index)
  2. Internet and mobile user adoption has slowed.
  3. Internet and mobile usage has increased.
  4. Voice is here to stay.   Amazon Echo sold 20 million units.
  5. 25% of the US GDP is Tech Companies.
  6. The biggest challenge to tech companies is how to use our data legally.
  7. E-commerce is rising, retail visits declining.    The show talks about how to combat this!
  8. 49% of all e-commerce shoppers start at Amazon!
  9. More than half tech companies are founded by 1st or 2nd generation immigrants.
  10. China is US’ biggest competitor.
  11. Household debt is the highest it’s been historically
  12. Unemployment is the lowest.
  13. Side Hustle Job growth is HUGE.  Impacting hiring and how the younger generation is working.
  14. USA has the 7th Most Debt to GDP ratio in the World
  15. Current average payout is $20,000 per household which represents 34% of median income


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