11 Updates From Facebook’s F8 Conference

Every year, Facebook hosts a conference called F8 where they cover all the cool stuff that they are working.   This year’s F8 conference was loaded with some oddities as well as some vision of where they were going.  I try to cover the highlights of conference with the 11 updates but 3 of them are key for small businesses to pay attention to.

  1. Facedate – Facebook is launching a dating “application” within facebook, to compete with the dating sites.
  2. Clear History – A new option facebook is offering to allow you to clear your facebook browsing data.   Will really only make your feed less creepy and not necessarily more private.
  3. Instagram Video Chat (and Anti-Bullying) – Making instragram more competitive with Snapchat. If you remember,  we’ve mentioned video content is huge and a future-proof marketing strategy.
  4. Facebook Apps is now open again.  So you can now add the “login with facebook” or chat bots.
  5. FB is selling a new vr set for $199.   It doesn’t do much but hey it’s getting more affordable.
  6. Translation happening in Messenger – Could be huge in the future!  Now you can have English and Spanish conversation in messenger without missing a beat.
  7. FB is taking your photos and converting them to 3D…
  8. WhatApp – Facebook’s other app has 450 MILLION users!
  9. Sound sharing from Soundcloud, Spotify and GoPro(?)  will now appear “native” to Facebook.  Basically, now when you share something like a podcast, it’ll be like a story on your feed vs a weird link that takes you to nowhere.
  10. Oculus TV VR experience lets you watch FB watch – does anyone care or watch this?
  11. Facebook usage is down but they are making changes.

The big business takeaways for me were.

  1. FB is making bets on VR.   With social video consumption up, it’s no surprise that we might move to VR.    Some businesses like Real Estate, need to consider this now.  While others may not have to worry about it for a few years.
  2. Video is huge.
  3. WhatApp is a place you may need to take a look at going forward if you have millenials in your demographic.
  4. Facebook Messenger being able to translate seems like a great opportunity for some businesses.
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Joshua Jarvis

Joshua has started and sold several businesses over 15 years. Recently he left a 15-year career in real estate as a business owner to pursue my dream of writing and helping business owners grow their own dream.

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