One of the most common questions I get is “How much does digital marketing cost?”  Usually, my answer is “It depends.”  However, I think that is a LAME answer so I try to go into details that hopefully help you not only evaluate digital marketing proposals but actually gauge if you’re ready to hire one.   We cover not only what it costs but what’s involved in different aspects as well as potential money savers opportunities.

Before I can answer your question I really need to know more about your business.   I typically ask questions like:

  • What’s your core business?  – Sometimes (ok most times) businesses have their own set of vocabulary and niche that they are a part of.
  • What’s the goal?  AKA Why do you need to hire me?   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is great for traffic, but what’s the purpose of that traffic?  To generate leads?
  • What are you doing currently that’s working?
  • What’s your situation?  Are you new, ready to grow?
  • What’s Your budget for digital marketing? – I know it’s a loaded question, but often understanding your budget and your goals can help us set expectations.

Once I understand (or any digital marketer) your goals, your current situation, and your budget they can often pitch you scope of work that might include PPC (Pay Per Click) as well as SEO.

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