Real Estate Websites For Brokers and Agents

By A Former Real Estate Agent

Getting your real estate website designed by 4rd Marketing is a more custom experience (mostly because we don’t have a huge portfolio yet).  As you can see we’re a bit on the honest side.  However, we’ve tried to make getting real estate websites as simple as 1 – 2 – 3


  1. Pick A Theme – you can select one from below or if you have a design in mind, we likely can replicate it.
  2. Pick A Package – The real work is creating content.  We compare are real estate websites to car engines.  We’ll make the engine for you, but up to you how much gas you want to give it.   Our packages are designed with the real estate agent and broker in mind.  If you are more of a DIYer then you may want to go at normal speed (a 4 cylinder – like a car), however if you want to have an amazing site that’s practically finished then select an 8 cylinder (meaning it’ll go without much effort).
  3. Pick your IDX provider – We really like Showcase and IHomeFinder, but any of our real estate websites can work with IDXBroker, Wolfnet, etc.
  4. Pick your CRM – If you use Follow Up Boss, Top Producer or perhaps another CRM, we’ll connect the leads to your CRM.
  5. Pick your hosting – The beauty of wordpress is you can take it with you.   All of our sites are hosted on a server we control through Google Cloud Services.  Keep in mind we do not recommend a “Shared Hosting” plan for these real estate websites.

1. Pick A Real Estate Website Theme

Real Estate Websites For Top Agents

The Mayor

The Mayor is about his/her town and is the community advocate and expert.  Preview coming soon.

Real Estate Websites For Teams

The Guide

The Guide was designed to be an information hub for home buyers and sellers.  Click the image to see a demo.

Our Real Estate Websites Features:

  • All real estate websites are designed to be responsive
  • Compatible with every popular IDX plugins
  • Hosting provide by Google Cloud Platform
  • All WordPress Installations Come with Plugins Set Up
  • Yoast SEO optimized
  • Page Speed Optimized
  • Local SEO opitmized

2. Pick A Plan

Final Steps

Selecting your IDX, CRM and Hosting will come after our phone consultation.   Our hosting fees are $50 a month.  IF you plan to keep your hosting, keep in mind that we will not be able to provide support for issues related to the host.

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