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What You Can Learn From This Graph

Paid Traffic Campaigns


Paid traffic is an amazing way to generate fast, now real estate business.   A good campaign is improved every week with new insights.  

The only downside to PPC marketing for real estate teams and brokers is that there isn’t any long term benefit to the campaigns as there is with real estate SEO.

If You Can Pay For The Traffic We Can Do It.

If you have to pay for the traffic we aim to hold it accountable so you can get an ROI on your adspend. 

PPC Campaign Builds

You might wonder what’s included in our campaigns. 

real estate ppc

Real Estate Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click marketing for real estate agents gives you feedback almost immediately.  As former real estate agents we know which keywords and which ads work best as well as what needs to be on your landing page for the traffic to convert.  

Real Estate PPC produces quality leads.  HOWEVER, real estate agent need t be aware that the average lead closing time is 8 months.  You’ll get leads that close in 30 days and some in 2 years (hence the average).

Real Estate PPC FAQ

How Do I Get Started? 🤗

Getting started with real estate ppc is pretty straight forward and easy.  You simply need a website that converts paid traffic and we’ll handle the setup.   If your site is hosted with us, we’ll have a head start.

What Are The Costs?🤑

The cost to build the campaign is $1,500.   This includes keyword research for the most profitable terms, setting up your landing pages (if needed), crafting ads and ad variants, setting the bids correctly and setting up analytic tracking and reporting.

Why Is There A Setup Fee? 🧐

Each real estate PPC campaign is custom-built for the agent or team with their goals in mind.   There is no copy and paste builds.

What Is “Adspend?” 🤔

Adspend is the money that Google uses to drive traffic.  For example, let’s say you have a budget for $1,500 a month.  There will be a $350 management fee deducted from that $1,500 leaving $1,150 to be 100% spent on traffic.  The $1,150 is “adspend.”

How Many Real Estate Leads Will I Get? 😅

Each area is different.  Leads in California are substantially more expensive than leads in Alabama.   The cost is based on the competition in the area.  As you might expect, there is more competition in areas that have higher home prices.

Why Do You Sell “Territories?” 😇

It’d be pretty awkward to compete against ourselves.  Due to the nature of paid ads, we’re only taking 1 client in 1 area.  

Can I “Buy” multiple territories?🤓

For a small fee, we’ll give you exclusivity in a given area.   Just ask us when you sign up.

What If?… 😓

With PPC you can cancel or pause campaigns with a 30-day notice.    Should you want to restart, there are no fees to restart. 


$ 350* Per Month
  • Does not include build cost. Management fee is for up to $2,500 adspend per month. Once adspend exceeds $2,500, management fee switches to 5%.

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