What Does A CMO Say Is The Most Effective Marketing Channel?

In today’s episode we learn about Robert Indries, the CMO of DG Studios. Born in Transylvania, Robert has earned a BA in Civil Engineering and an MA in IT Project Management and has a decade of experience in sales and marketing. Robert generates over $20,000,000 USD in leads yearly, amongst other tangible results. He has personally hired, trained and managed 100+ personnel for both business and non-profits. During his career, the teams he managed and businesses he’s grown have won various awards and have been featured in magazines, newspapers and on national television. (more…)

21 Growth Hacking Techniques That Teach You What Growth Hacking Is

What Is Growth Hacking?

Marketing focused intentionally on growth (growing a business).

Growth Hacking is a lens to evaluate and process your marketing efforts.   Essentially it’s looking at the world from a marketing point of view and figuring out ways you can use tools and phenomenon is unique ways to drive traffic and sales to a business generally with a smallish budget. (more…)

Go from 0 to 100 Real Estate Leads In Under 6 Months | Real Estate SEO Case Study

A Sierra Interactive Case Study

While this isn’t a perfect graph, it shows you what we were able to do with a client.   It shows you starting with 0 leads and how March will be the first month we’ll hit 100 leads.   While there is certainly a theory of saturation, this particular client should start to see some exponential growth.  The tendency would be to stop here for this client or to have stopped at the 3 month mark.

Note that the dip in December was from a change over from Http to https.   That’s another lesson to learn, that this seemingly simple change will cause a dip in your traffic as google re-indexes your site.  So it’s best to choose to do this around the “off season” for your business. (more…)

9 Things Your CRM Should Automate For Your Business

Last week we discussed how to pick the right CRM and while some of my listeners might have thought it was a bore fest, it gives us a good foundation for this message.  In fact, I did this podcast first, and realized that some of my listeners don’t even have good CRMs for us to have this crm automation conversation.   So without further ado – let’s dive into 9 Things Your CRM Should Automate For Your Business. (more…)

How To Find The Right CRM For Your Business

This week is all about how to select the right CRM for your business.   I’ve tested literally 100’s of CRMS (I love them!) and here’s my list of criteria that you should judge a good CRM on.

Before we begin please take a moment and list all the tasks (as many as possible, including all subtasks) that you do to run your business.  If you have an operating document, this will come in handy.  You should have a list of this somewhere already but if you don’t then this will be an eye-opener. (more…)

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