008 – Why Site Architecture Is Foundational To SEO

Site architecture is usually reserved for SEO nerds to discuss and deemed outside the conversation for just regular entrepreneurs and small business owners.  In this episode we cover the basic of how search engines work and why site architecture is foundational to SEO. 

Basic Points

  • Search Engines crawl from page to page via LINKS
  • Users make “queries” for 3 basic reasons:   Do something (buy a ticket), Know something (best restaurant in Atlanta), or to Go somewhere, or find a site.  Reference:  MOZ
  • How do you rank – Answer a question, solve a problem
  • Why SEO?  – SEO adds detail to a blind searcher
  • Site Architecture is important because it helps direct the blind search engines to find the right pages.  Plugins That Help

On Site Architecture and Siloing:

(On Users) So keep them inside your cluster/silo. Once they hit an entrance article, the rest of the ones they can find are related (to what they were looking for. For example, they come in looking about Design topic and the rest in cluster (silo) are all Design stuff. (It’s better for the user because)they arent going to care about an SEO article.Edmond Major III @ Envoc
(on silos) Someone came in with a problem on a topic, and they found/did not find what they were looking for. You intentionally make it harder for them to discover that they have a different problem elsewhere and lose focus. (The wikipedia wandering problem)Matt Barby @ Hubspot

Next Week, We cover the 9 Essential Components of SEO Success.

Table of Contents For Our SEO Series

  1. SEO Fundamentals – Site Architecture & Structure
  2. SEO 101 Part 1 – 9 Keys To SEO Success
  3. SEO 102 Part 2 – 9 Keys To SEO Success
  4. How to Build Backlinks For SEO – 9 Effective Link Building Strategies
  5. 3 FREE Keys To Keyword Research For SEO
  6. SEO FAQs
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