9 Of The Most Effective Link Building Strategies For SEO | Episode 011

If you’ve been doing SEO for any time then it’s likely that you’ve found out about how valuable links are.  In fact…

Getting high quality links to your site is the most important SEO strategy.  The key is high quality.

In this week’s episode we continue down the path of helping set you up for SEO success.  We went from setting up the foundation of site architecture to Covering SEO 101 and SEO 102 with 9 Essential Components Of SEO  and now we’re covering the 9 Of The Most Effective Link Building Strategies For SEO.

9 Of The Most Effective Link Building Strategies For SEO

  1. Competitive Research – Look at what links your competitor has in a tool like semrush and then go after the same links.  Start with small ones that outrank you.  Sites that rank just slightly ahead of you
  2. Link Bait – Create an infographic or some other awesome download that people want to share and link to.  Make a resource guide.
  3. Interviews – Interview people and put it on your site and then they will link.  You could interview “referral” partners.  For example, an accountant could interview an attorney.  A supplier could interview a distributor.
  4. Broken Link Strategy – This one takes some thought.   Look at places you want to get a link from and then locate broken links on their site and offer to replace it with
  5. News Jacking – This is where you write about something that is very popular at the time and tie it into something that has to do with your business niche.   The example I used was, “how Irma will impact migration” for real estate.
  6. Guest Blogging – This is where you create content for someone else and they post it for you.  Similar to the interview concept.
  7. Local Citations – We’ve talked about local seo.  Those citations work for Local SEO but often you get a link out of it too.
  8. Forum & Communities – Old School!  However, there are still some great forums out there that are alive and kickin.
  9. HARO – Help A reporter out.  This one is priceless.  You get an email from reporters all over the country asking for you to be a source for them.  If they pick your “pitch” you often get a link out of it.

Summary of the SEO Series

  1. SEO Fundamentals – Site Architecture & Structure
  2. SEO 101 Part 1 – 9 Keys To SEO Success
  3. SEO 102 Part 2 – 9 Keys To SEO Success
  4. How to Build Backlinks For SEO – 9 Effective Link Building Strategies
  5. 3 FREE Keys To Keyword Research For SEO
  6. SEO FAQs
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