Everyone knows that emails can drive marketing, but if your readers don’t open the emails it’s almost no good!  Find out what title and emails do get opened and in some cases get saved!

  1. Case Study Emails
    Why They Work:  Working off social proof.  People don’t search for case studies but they will read it.
    Hack: Use a testimonial if you don’t have a case study
  2. Question and Answer or Frequently Asked Questions
    Why They Work:  You can answer questions the people have but don’t have time to ask.
  3. How To – How to get started, how to use your service
    Why They Work: Some people can get stuck and don’t want to ask for help (see #2).
    Hack: Use a video to increase CTR
  4. Social Email – “Join us on facebook”
    Why They Work: If you do it right, you’ll imply that there is more “premium” type content on this social channel or perhaps that there is a community.
  6. Curated Content – Top Posts…
    Why They Work: It saves time if you collect the top things that people are interested in.  Could be your top posts or others, like “top tech posts”
    Example: 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins
    Example:  What Blogging Topic Drive The Most Traffic
  7. Re-Engagement – “Where did you go”

Example of Re-engagement Email I mentioned.


Hey! Haven’t gotten any return calls or e-mails and wanted to see if you’re really there.

Let me know how to help!

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