We’ve spent almost a year of digital marketing episodes talking about ways to growth hack your business and generate internet leads.  Afterall, if you’re doing PPC (Episode about PPC) or SEO (Episode About SEO) then you will generate opportunities online.  However, without a system on how to convert those leads into customers you might be wasting money.   Worse yet, you could overload your business because you’d be drowning in leads.

Today we talk about the 3 Keys to internet lead conversion (with 2 bonus tips too).

Hey guys!  I’ve been busy (good thing) so the show notes are a bit lacking.   I’ll be back here to update them asap. 

Speed To Lead

In the show I referenced a study that shows you why you need to get to the lead in the first 5 minutes.

Consistent Follow Up

Tenacious and consistent.

Script Mastery

Bonus Round

After You Set The Appointment System

Closing System

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