In one of our first ever episodes, we covered Site Architecture and why it’s important to understand the fundamentals of SEO.   Today we go a bit deeper but not too technical.  Today we’re going to talk about 7 applicable SEO Site Architecture tactics that can help you rank faster.  In addition, I give away my content strategy secret that helps content I create gain momentum!

I really want you to listen to the podcast this week, there is a nugget there.   After some time has passed OR I get enough emails/comments I’ll come back here and update the notes.   Here are the topics about what we’re covering.

  1. 3 Clicks Web Design
  2. Siloing And Intentional Categorization
  3. Pagination – Do it right for the bots and get it better for humans
  4. Don’t Call It A Comeback…. Sitemaps – Thanks to Sam Torres.
  5. Secret Content Strategy
  6. Use Breadcrumbs
  7. Consider Reducing Unnecessary Links

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