5 Killer Ways To Generate Leads From A Podcast

I’ve been podcasting for about a year now, well technically it’s less than that, but I’ve been doing it long enough to start to see some results.  In addition, I’ve had a few people ask so that’s what we’re covering this week.  Today you’ll learn  5 Killer Tips To Generate Leads with a podcast.

How to Launch A Podcast that generates leads

There are courses out there that go over this but for me I simply googled it.  Noticed that a lot of people recommended the same stuff, so I went with what was the consensus.   So you need a microphone, audio editing software and passion for a topic.


Audio Technica Microphone 2100 USB  – this was hands down the most recommended microphone.  I must say it’s significantly better than a web came, your cell phone or the computer’s internal mic.  After using this for a while I could see where an upgrade or wind “filter” would be good.  This one was under $100 and I’ve used it since I started.

Audio Editing Software

Audacity is a free option that gets the job done.  I prefer Adobe Audition.  Both have tons of tutorials on youtube on how to work with and they are easy to start with and use and difficult to master.

Coming up with a compelling topic

I’d choose something you’re passionate about and avoid trying to do a show about something that doesn’t excite you.   You’ll get burned out and likely not be able to stay in this for the long haul if you don’t pick something you already love to talk about.

Other things that you need to start a podcast

A great image – I recommend going to Canva and making a great podcast image with your face and some large text.   I know that seems over-simplified but when I look at the competition, that’s what I see them doing.

Now on to the 5 Killer Tips To Generate Leads with a podcast.

5. The most basic lead generation strategy.

Ask for them!  It’s Radio 101.  You could have a sports podcast but have a commercial that tells your listeners about your awesome printer cartridges or digital marketing business.

4. How Answering FAQS leads to … leads.

OK that was really cheesy, but answering questions has been covered before as a great lead generation strategy.  So whether you’re trying to be the top home condo specialist of Minneapolis or selling Insurance in Winder, answering common questions from your clients will attract others with the same questions.

3.  How to network your way to your target

You could use podcasting to interview your avatar or ideal lead.   Imagine that your ideal client is restaurant owners.  So you start a podcast that interviews restaurant owners.  Naturally some of them will use you but more importantly, other restaurant owners will listen to the podcast and ultimately want to know more about you.  Read more about networking here.

Truth be told, I work with a lot of real estate brokers and teams.  The thought crossed my mind to just interview them, I want to do real estate SEO for them so it could make perfect sense.  However, my passion isn’t really real estate so I didn’t know if I had it in me for the long haul to stay focused on this one niche.

2.  How to get your customers to generate leads for you

Interview them!  When you interview your customers not only are you building on a successful relationship but you are also likely to attract an audience that is similar to your customer.  You’re building on your credibility by making it a testimonial type show.  As long as your interview can add value to the audience I think it’s a win-win.

1.  How to give away your secrets for leads

This is essentially my strategy.  I give away as much as possible on every podcast in hopes to add value to your business.  I know statistically that most of my audience won’t do what I suggest and will likely need to hire someone like me to do what I’m suggesting.  There’s a few that will do it to grow their business and that’s awesome too!

Whew!  That was a fast run-down of 5 Killer Tips To Generate Leads with a podcast..  There’s a ton of ways to “monetize” a podcast, but for it to be a real lead generator for your business I think you have to bring a topic that you’re passionate about and your potential clients (or audience) is as well.



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Joshua has started and sold several businesses over 15 years. Recently he left a 15-year career in real estate as a business owner to pursue my dream of writing and helping business owners grow their own dream.

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