9 Tips To Generate Leads W/ LinkedIn’s New Changes

We covered how to generate leads with LinkedIn before and literally 2 weeks later they made changes.  These changes don’t make the tactics we discussed any less relevant but they will require you to update your linkedin profile.  Spoiler Alert!  That’s one of the tips!  Updating your profile sends out a “signal” to your contacts and you should do it often. You’ll have to listen to the 9 Tips To Generate Leads W/ LinkedIn’s New Changes get the other 8 tips!


State of Tech & Marketing 2018 | 15 Takeaways For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

To me, every business owner has a responsibility to their family and their team to be aware of what’s going on in the world. It helps them cast vision and be aware of upcoming shifts. In today’s episode we do just that, we look 15 technology and marketing developments in 2018. From the rise of the Side Hustle to finally being a mobile majority world and some surprising statistics in between.

With this week’s show notes we’ll cover briefly the 15 topics we cover in the show without going into specifics.


11 Updates From Facebook’s F8 Conference

Every year, Facebook hosts a conference called F8 where they cover all the cool stuff that they are working.   This year’s F8 conference was loaded with some oddities as well as some vision of where they were going.  I try to cover the highlights of conference with the 11 updates but 3 of them are key for small businesses to pay attention to. (more…)

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