3 Keys To Master Lead Generation With Pay Per Click (PPC)

This week we interview Zach Goldie, a PPC Expert.   Zach is a former mechanical engineer who turned to copywriting and ultimately fell in love with Pay Per Click management.   His systematic approach helps him achieve results for his clients.   In this episode we cover…

  • How getting very specific about what you want can really help you get better results in PPC.  For example, knowing what your customer’s needs are.  In addition,  getting into a niche or subcategory of a customer will help you improve your results.
  • How changing the landing page to address your customer’s problems vs talking about yourself will help you with conversion.  In fact, many businesses don’t have landing pages at all!
  • We talk about budgets and how a business owner or entrepreneur might need to manage that.
  • The impact copywriting has on ads
  • Zach’s biggest mistake.

To find out more, follow the link above (his name) or email him at [email protected]

3 Growth Hacks To Build Your Cold Email List And Wow Customers

This week we interview Igor Gorbenko of Netspeak Software.  Netspeak Software is a web spider program.  Now this might sound like a very technical thing but basically a web spider does the same thing that Google does… crawl the web.   You might want this type of thing because software like this will help you pull in data that would take you much, much longer if you did manually.

Today we’ll cover 3 Growth Hacks To Build Your Cold Email List And Wow Customers

First, Cold Emails are just like cold calls.  To some it might be considered spam and if you approach it in a mass effort way with little personalization that is going to be spam.  Ok,  on with the interview.

Show Notes – Highlights

Igor Gorbenko — DIgital Marketer, Growth Hacking and Guerrilla Marketing consultant.  Projects he worked on include Serpstat, Netpeak Software, Digital Marketing Army and more. Igor also runs a Guerrilla Hub blog where you can find practical guides to grow your business.

Igor got his start doing digital marketing as part of a progression from his desire to learn it combined with his mastery of English, a hot commodity in Ukraine.

Growth Hack #1 – Market To Your Competitor’s Disgruntled Customers

Growth Hack #2 –

5 Killer Ways To Generate Leads From A Podcast

I’ve been podcasting for about a year now, well technically it’s less than that, but I’ve been doing it long enough to start to see some results.  In addition, I’ve had a few people ask so that’s what we’re covering this week.  Today you’ll learn  5 Killer Tips To Generate Leads with a podcast.

How to Launch A Podcast that generates leads

There are courses out there that go over this but for me I simply googled it.  Noticed that a lot of people recommended the same stuff, so I went with what was the consensus.   So you need a microphone, audio editing software and passion for a topic. (more…)

How To Network Your Way To New Business

A new year brings in new conferences. As a 15 year real estate veteran I’ve attended several conferences. To be honest when I first attended some them I thought they were a cheerleading session and frankly, I wasn’t sure why everyone was so excited. Luckily I found out the secret to getting value out of attending conferences… Networking.

I used to think that these conferences were all about the content. Sometimes, sure there are some great speakers or “ah ha!” moments. However, the value is in the connections you make at the conference. In fact, those relationships can last much longer than the ephemeral motivation high you get from most conferences.

Here’s my do’s and don’t of how to network the right way to generate leads. (more…)

How Your Business Can Make A Bigger Impact

It’s been a great first year of podcasting and I’m very thankful for every listener.   Since the beginning, our audience has grown and I expect that to continue in 2018.   Please spread the word and we could always use the reviews!    When we started we covered one of the best episodes on SEO that wasn’t included in our SEO Series, called “Common SEO Mistakes”  I mentioned that in the opening of this podcast.

Today I want to talk to you about something I’m passionate about and a belief that I have.

I believe that businesses can change the world. 

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