How To Network Your Way To New Business

A new year brings in new conferences. As a 15 year real estate veteran I’ve attended several conferences. To be honest when I first attended some them I thought they were a cheerleading session and frankly, I wasn’t sure why everyone was so excited. Luckily I found out the secret to getting value out of attending conferences… Networking.

I used to think that these conferences were all about the content. Sometimes, sure there are some great speakers or “ah ha!” moments. However, the value is in the connections you make at the conference. In fact, those relationships can last much longer than the ephemeral motivation high you get from most conferences.

Here’s my do’s and don’t of how to network the right way to generate leads.

Let’s start with Don’t.

Don’t be show me your card

If you run through a crowd handing out cards, those cards are at best going into a database where you’ll get all the “This Month In Real Estate’s” you could ever want. Honestly, in case no one else will tell you there, no one wants your business card… unless they feel there’s a connection there.

Practice Your Elevator Pitch

“What do you do?” – Be ready. This new connection could be an agent or a vendor or a broker or a celebrity, it doesn’t matter you should have this ready to go in the real world, don’t forget it at the conference.

Need some help? Read the How to write a mission statement guide. If you nail the “Why” portion then it makes the elevator pitch much easier. Also, time yourself. Elevator pitches are called that because you need to be able to get it out in the time it takes to ride in an elevator.
Remember The Acronyms STAY and WAIT

I learned this from leadership expert, Dr. Rob McCleland, he says, “W.A.I.T” means, Why Am I Talking. Ultimately to make the best connections you need to LISTEN. This may seem like common sense, but from my own personal experience I can tell you that most supposed “networkers” are big talkers. Be a listener, it’ll be much easier to like you.

If that one is a bit hard to do and I’ll admit it’s hard NOT to talk when you’re a salesperson. Try STAY. As in Stop Talking About Yourself. Most people love talking about themselves, let them, just don’t let it be you.

Be Prepared

There’s nothing worse than trying to make a connection with someone at a conference and they are completely unprepared. If you’re at ICNY, then you’re at a real estate event. You should be ready with your elevator pitch

Don’t just prepare your elevator pitch but be ready with questions. Visualize yourself having different conversations. Let’s say you are a realtor from Atlanta and you meet someone from Minnesota, be ready with questions about their market. Here’s a few questions for you to use while you’re there.

Some Good Networking Questions

  • What’s one of your biggest challenges right now?
  • What is that made you want to do X (job, work with that company, be an agent)?
  • What was your best takeaway from your last conference
  • Who do you know that I should know?

How Your Business Can Make A Bigger Impact

It’s been a great first year of podcasting and I’m very thankful for every listener.   Since the beginning, our audience has grown and I expect that to continue in 2018.   Please spread the word and we could always use the reviews!    When we started we covered one of the best episodes on SEO that wasn’t included in our SEO Series, called “Common SEO Mistakes”  I mentioned that in the opening of this podcast.

Today I want to talk to you about something I’m passionate about and a belief that I have.

I believe that businesses can change the world. 

12 Days Of Lead Generation For Small Businesses

In honor of the Christmas, I thought I’d cover the 12 days of lead generation for small businesses.  That’s 12 lead generation techniques or ideas for your small business.  This year we’ve had fun diving deep into SEO as well as looking at Facebook last week.  (Part two will be next week!).

Before we get started I want to refer you back to the  Future Proof Marketing Strategy episode where we talked about “Start With Why.”  Getting your Why is so important and if you able to communicate that you’ll attract leads!  In addition, you’re going to have to have the attitude of Gary Vaynerchuk and be crazy passionate about your business.  If you can look at this list through that lens I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it. (more…)

Facebook Marketing A to Z

After last week’s Future Proof Marketing plan which included going on Facebook live, you better believe we were going to get an absolute expert to bring you the ins and outs of Facebook.   This week we have special guest John Pohly, Real Estate’s number 1 Lead Generator (according to LeadPages!!).   He’s going to give us Facebook Marketing A to Z.  Instead of transcribing the podcast like we normally do, we’re going to post it here for you to listen to and John has recorded a video for us as well that will be posted.

If you like John Pohly’s content (which I think is ESSENTIAL) for any real estate agent.  You should check out his courses.   Being a listener has its benefits, enter “4rd” and you’ll get 10% off his LIFETIME courses!!!

Future Proof Marketing Plan for 2018

If you’re able to grab hold of what we’re discussing this week you’ll be able to create a lens with which to view every marketing channel through and even potentially change your business.  (Note that this is mostly a transcription, pardon and grammatical errors).

If you aren’t leading your life you’re following someone else’s.


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