How To Find The Right CRM For Your Business

This week is all about how to select the right CRM for your business.   I’ve tested literally 100’s of CRMS (I love them!) and here’s my list of criteria that you should judge a good CRM on.

Before we begin please take a moment and list all the tasks (as many as possible, including all subtasks) that you do to run your business.  If you have an operating document, this will come in handy.  You should have a list of this somewhere already but if you don’t then this will be an eye-opener.

Example of Task:

  1. New Lead Received
  2. Attempt to contact lead – Functions: record notes, set appointments, send text, send email, ability to set a campaign/plan
  3. Contact is made
  4. Appointment Set
  5. Presentation is ready (might be a plan to implement here – the presentation plan/setup)
  6. Contact is now a Client
  7. Client Service Plan
  8. Client is now closed/paid – (Closing Plan?)
  9. Client is added to “nurture” plan – a 12-month newsletter, quarterly phone call, and holiday/birthday card plan.

Once you have something like this and my example was over-simplified, you’ll be better able to evaluate the CRMs based on your workflow and what you need.

  1. Speed! – This my most important criteria in selecting a CRM.  It gives your choice more longevity and just overall increases effeciency.
  2. Simplicity – How easy is it for you to use and how easy is it for you to train your team
  3. Functionality – Does it do the basic functions you need, I prefer it to have email and texting capabilities for example
  4. Does It Fit your industry – special bonus points for CRMs that fit your unique industry needs.
  5. Automation | Plans | Campaigns – Not all CRMs do this but for me, this is a must.  Whether it’s simple follow up emails or newsletter campaigns or something more complex this is a must for me.

With this criteria (and your own) walkthrough using the CRM before you decide.  This decision takes a lot of time and resources that far exceed the simple cost of using it.

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Joshua Jarvis

Joshua has started and sold several businesses over 15 years. Recently he left a 15-year career in real estate as a business owner to pursue my dream of writing and helping business owners grow their own dream.

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