You might remember how excited I got talking about Growth Hacking, (if not, go and listen to “what is Growth Hacking“), so it should come as no surprise that I’m pumped about this interview!   If you wanted to know one of the biggest missed opportunities for small businesses it’s Webinars and Remarketing.  Our Guest today, Dan McGaw, should know, he’s one of the original Growth Hackers from “back in the day.”  

Dan McGaw is an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. He is also the Founder and CMO of Effin Amazing, an analytics and marketing consultancy that helps product and marketing teams get data driven and optimize their businesses and UTM.IO . Coined as one of the original growth hackers, he has led the teams at and In 2015, Dan was selected to be a United States Ambassador of Entrepreneurship by the United State State Department, where he had the privilege to advise universities, governments and private corporations on how to build entrepreneur ecosystems. You can find him on most social networks, or follow him on Twitter


Show Synopsis

Dan talks about 2 key strategies.


People are more and more signing up for webinars due to the video content.  Even if no one attends a webinar can be a powerful list building tool.  We touch briefly on how small businesses might leverage webinars.   Dan suggests getting Zoom and just jumping in.  We didn’t dig too deep in the show but I don’t want to leave you hanging, so here’s a list of some Webinar Titles that would work for different businesses.

He suggested signing up for webinars to get an idea of how to run them


Remarketing is what happens when you land on a website and that website seems to “follow you.”   What happens is that there’s a small file installed on your browser so that when you land on another website it will show you an ad assuming it’s participating.   It’s the same technique that Amazon and Ebay use to stalk you.

Dan’s tip here is to use video testimonials as your re marketing campaign ads.  This will help you increase your overall conversion.   IF you’re lost, never fear, we’ll cover this in an upcoming episode.  If you can’t wait, just contact us and we can help you get it set up.

Don’t Listen To Others

Dan’s life lesson for us was not to listen others.  Dan suggest creating a mental filter so that when you receive advice or you hear naysayers, that you are able to dismiss it.  How successful is someone who is giving the advice?   What do they really know?   You shouldn’t dismiss all wisdom but you should test the wisdom of those that have not been where you want to go.

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