005 – The Number 1 Mistake Most Small Business Make Online

When we talk with clients we often find they share one mistake in common across all different disciplines, in fact, we think this is the number 1 mistake all local small business make online.   

If you guessed not setting up their google my business page and going after local business online you’d be right!

Keys To This Episode

  1. Understand there’s a difference between a google search and a search where a map pops up (Local SEO)
  2. Google My Business – This is a free service from google and to rank you need to build citations, reviews, social signals, have an appropriate landing page.
  3. Setting up your Google My Business page will require an address verification.
  4. NAP – Name Address and Phone Number MUST be the same across all citations (Yelp, YellowPages, etc)
  5. Landing Page – the page that you link to from these citations should be relevant to your business and ideally have a call to action
  6. Get Links to your landing page and get reviews and citations.
  7. Even Social Media accounts can be good for this
  8. Location matters, if you aren’t popping up for a search, check your location, you could be outside the zone that Google is using to look.
  9. Bonus Tip:  If you are using a kw tracker like the one available on 4rd Local, you should add your business type + near me or business type + neaby.  Example: Plumber Near Me.

Show Notes:

  • 11:30 Schema Link – Reference to Schema Markup for your landing page.  Helps add the “stars” to the search results.  (4rd Local will do this as part of the business concierge plan)
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Joshua Jarvis

Joshua has started and sold several businesses over 15 years. Recently he left a 15-year career in real estate as a business owner to pursue my dream of writing and helping business owners grow their own dream.

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