004 – New Free Platform Gives Small Business Owners An Edge In Neighborhood Leads

Every so often a website comes and gives an early adopter small business owner a leg up on the competition. On this episode we spill the beans on a free platform that can help small local business generate more leads locally.

Nextdoor isn’t a game changer per se, at least not yet, but it’s so early that small business owners that like getting referrals from their neighbors can use this platform to generate opportunities for themselves.

4rd Marketing Podcast Shownotes

003 – The Most Common SEO Mistakes That Small Business Owners Make

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often do their own SEO and much to their dismay they don’t know what went wrong. Today we cover the most common mistakes that small business owners make on their SEO and how to avoid it.  This podcast was inspired by Semrush’s infographic after researching X million websites.

Below is the infographic that inspired the show, for technical SEO mistakes that small business owners make.  (more…)

002 – What Blogging Topics Drive The Most Traffic

6 Ways To Blog When You Do When You Don’t Know What To Blog About

When I used to teach real estate agents SEO and blogging I used to get this question about what to blog about.  It’s that very common question that inspired this post.

1. Your Inbox

The first place to look is your inbox.  As a small business owner you likely get a ton of questions every week that you routinely answer.  Turn these into excellent blog posts.   It could be something as simple as “What countries do you ship to?” or it could be more technical question regarding liability.   This could also be a great resource for your FAQ. (more…)

001 – What To Do About Google Taking Over SERPS

What can you do when Google is taking over the Search Engine Results? (SERPS).   In this podcast we cover the answer to how small business owners and entrepreneurs can stay relevant in an every changing search world.

Show notes for 4rd Marketing Podcast

  • Pay Attention
  • Get on Google (Google My Business)
  • Local SEO Guide Link 
  • Get Really Specific – “The Riches Are In The Niches” – Niches can be “type” or “location” based.  Example:  Real Estate Agent – Type: Commercial   or Location: Neighborhood (Midtown Atlanta) (more…)

000 – Why Listen To This Digital Marketing Podcast

Episode 000 is our very first podcast episode that talks about WHY I decided to do a podcast.  In the world of gurus, webinars and information products I wanted a podcast that put it all out there on how to move your business “4rd”.

This podcast will be a weekly dive into SEO, SEM, Online Reputation Management, Social Media and more.  If it can drive leads to your business or help your endeavor grow it’s fair game to talk about. (more…)